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January 6, 2017
Topping out ceremony of the Copernican Revolution Laboratory of the Copernicus Science Center.
September 30, 2021

On 28 October 2017 he Family Swimming Pool complex, located in Białystok at 1A, Stroma Street, was opened after its modernization. Our company acted as the Contract Engineer in the task. Investment value exceeded PLN 20 million.

Up to 130 people can use the swimming pool and leisure area. The swimming pool itself is 25 meter long, it's got six tracks, starting posts and a trampoline. The leisure area includes a 26 m2salt cave for up to 15 people. Its walls are finished with granite elements, it's got four heated seats covered with mosaics, a halogenerator producing dry salt aerosol, which penetrates into the lungs, cleans the airways, soothes inflammation and significantly improves health. The microclimate in the cave resembles the one by the sea, and so it works on the body. It improves metabolism, and calms the nervous system. The salt cleanses the skin, protects it from free radicals and facilitates the weight loss process. The mood lighting complements the relaxing nature of the salt cave.

"In addition to the cave, there are also a dry sauna, a steam bath, a cold and warm rain showers, a boatswain's bucket with ice-cold water and an ice well that produces ice cubes. The next room is a tepidarium, where you can comfortably rest on heated loungers while listening to some relaxing music, and a Sunny Meadow where you can enjoy sunbathing regardless of the season. 

"Next to the SPA area there is a large swimming pool, two hot tubs, a children's pool with numerous attractions, which is 120 m2 large and up to 30 cm deep.

A one-man slide with an inner diameter of 100 cm, a length of approximately 63 m (plus a brake bath) and a starting point height of approximately 7.5 m. There is also a 113-meter-long (plus a brake bath) pontoon slide (the only one in the region) with an internal width of 240 cm and a starting point height of 9.80 m, where you can slide single or double pontoons. Slides are varied in terms of length, section and degree of provided experience, they guarantee a high level of sensations and emotions for each group of users.

"Another novelty used in the Family Swimming Pool is a swimming pool with a moving floor (pool area of 6.5 m x 12.5 m, depth of up to 3.5 m), that includes three tracks, starting posts and a trampoline. The water surface area is almost 81 m2. In addition, the pool basin has track ropes, posts and pool ladders with double-sided stainless steel handrails. This is the only swimming pool of this type in Podlasie. The pool depth is adjustable so that you can conduct all forms of activity in the water. The moving floor position is adapted to the type of activities, height and skills of the participants. Therefore, within several minutes the pool can be changed into an aerobics space, a swimming pool for swimming classes for various age groups or trampoline jump classes. At night, the floor is is flushed with the pool beach and covers the pool basin. In this way, energy expenditure to heat water is reduced, which generates savings. Worth mentioning is the fact that the facility has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. There are ramps to enter and exit the building. Inside, there is an elevator servicing the ground floor and the ground level, a cabin with buttons described in Braille language and voice information.